Ecowoodoil is another brand of organoil, manufactured by Prep Productions using natural oil products, making them the leader in Plant Oil Technology Timber Finishes.

Our Plant Oil Technology is not only eco-friendly but has far less health and safety risks than other mainstream products. It also gives siginificant benefits to our customers, both DIY and Trade, as well as providing superior protectionfor their timbers. Our employees are passionate about Timber, so please feel free to contact us if we can help in any way.


Ecowoodoil is 100% focused on developing and delivering natural protective timber finishes for harsh climates. There are ten core components incorporated into all our products, and everything we do!

1. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Every single product we sell is made from environmentally sustainable ingredients.

2. NATURE’S OWN PROTECTION – Whilst most products put a paint like skin on the surface, our products protect the timber from within, giving it a longer life, even if the regular maintenance cycle is neglected.

3. RECOMMENDED BY INFLUENCERS –When wanting to know which timber finish is best for their application; many consumers will seek the advice of a relative or friend with greater expertise. Our loyal base of woodworking customers is confident to recommend our products, as are high profile influencers like DIY and gardening journalists.

4. WIDELY AVAILABILE – Our products can be purchased throughout Australia and New Zealand through a variety of channels, including Building Supplies and Timber Merchants, DIY & Paint Retailers, as well as specialist Woodworking and Marine Retailers.

5. COMPREHENSIVE TECHNICAL SUPPORT – We do not operate a call centre using inflexible scripts to assist customers with any difficulties or questions. Our support facility is staffed by technical personnel who have more than ten years experience of demonstrating and supporting our entire product range.

6. UNIQUE PRODUCTS – Organoil's Hard Burnishing Oil, Natural Wax and Polish and Woodwipe are unique technologies we have developed in conjunction with experienced woodworkers. Our other Plant Oil Technology products are unique with their pleasing natural aromas and the fact that they are made in Australia.

7. HEALTH AND SAFETY – Along with environmental issues, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the health and safety risks associated with certain paints and timber finishes. We offer them a safe alternative, as our products contain only natural ingredients and will not even harm outdoor plants with normal application.

8. COST EFFECTIVE – Our products provide our customers with a longer lifecycle for their timbers and reduce third party maintenance and preparation costs, such as the need to sand back the timber to remove the aged protective skin.

9. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – The simplicity of the technology results in minimal problems for customers, which are addressed by our technical support. Our customers are delighted when they change brands from a mainstream product, and happy to show off the results to inquiring friends and visitors.

10. AUSTRALIAN MADE – All our products are developed in Australia, for Australia’s harsh climates. This pedigree has lead to early success in export markets for our marine and woodworking products, and presents considerable opportunities for licensing our other products.